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Every genetic geneology company has pros and today I’m in me going over some of the pros of Ancestry DNA. Let’s get started in learning a little bit more about ancestry. 


So here I am in ancestry looking at a specific match and the first pro that I have for ancestry is last logged in information and this is really great for knowing whether or not somebody is actively involved in ancestry .


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Now you can see here any person has been a member for several years and they last logged in about five days ago so with that information I know that when I try to contact any person it’s probably gonna be a week before they see the email.

I should be expecting something back you know around that time on the other hand there’s several people that show that they haven’t logged in for months or even years in which case yeah I know I’m not gonna get much of a response from them so my first pro for ancestry is they let me know how active somebody is on their website.


The second Pro that I have with ancestry is how they organize their matches and let you know about them. Now ancestry besides telling you what the possible relationship is for each match also puts the matches in two categories so you can see that hey this group of people is probably your first cousins or they share about as much DNA as a first cousin whereas the next group is a second cousin level match they also have third cousin and fourth cousin level matches and this is great because then.


I don’t have to go through and look at each individual one to see how closely rated they might be to me and I can organize my matches based on this. So I really like that in their matchless they’ve organized it in a quick and easy way to see which people are the most closely related and which ones are further related from me.


The third Pro that I have for ancestry is there DNA circles now this is something that none of the other companies have and what it is is ancestries gone through and they’ve taken and found those people that you match DNA with that also have trees that show certain of the same people and they’ve put those people all together in what is called a DNA circle.


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Now within that circle you may have clusters of people that form a family group you can see here that there is the Preston Stephens Brewer family group that there’s four members of that I’m a part of and there’s other family groups as we go around this circle there’s also some individual people that aren’t actually part of family groups but they share DNA with enough people in this circle that they’re a part of the overall circle.


Now this is useful because people have already done some of the research on the family tree and since you have people that match in that family tree it’s going to be really easy to see how you are related to these other people so that is my third Pro for ancestry DNA.


So four two on my list of things that I  like about ancestry DNA is there is very easy way to download a list of your matches.  Because I organize my matches in different ways there’s different ways that I can be able to see how those matches might relate to each other and without being able to download, that I really can do that with ancestry. ancestry gives you a CSV file. For any problems for Ancestry dna testing contact us our customer service phone number.



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